Teaching to Love Math in The Beach, Toronto

about us

Simply Math Tutoring is an in-home tutoring service in the East End of Toronto which aims to make math easy to learn by teaching children to become confident with playing with numbers. The benefits of having the tutor coming into your home are numerous, namely, it provides a familiar atmosphere for your child to learn. We believe that if your child learns to like math then they will experience success in math. With over 20 years of private and group tutoring experience and over 10 years of work experience in the Toronto District School Board, we understand the math experience and challenges in the public and private school system. Too often we have heard how a student hates math because they have had very little success in the subject. Our goal is to get to know our students individually and work on their skill gaps. In this way, they are prepared to excel in their current grade level and will transition smoothly to their next year of math study. Making sure that each student is equipped with the building blocks necessary to have a strong foundation in all aspects of math is our sole mission. We understand that math is an important aspect in all areas of study and that it is a priority for gaining the necessary confidence as students move up the grade levels. 



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