Our Philosophy

Simply Math Tutoring The Beaches

We believe that every child has the potential to do well in their math courses. Math is all around us and when we teach numbers and how numbers are integrated into daily living, a new perspective towards math is created. Play based learning is a great way to teach math as long as that can be translated onto paper and provide results on assessments. That is why our philosophy towards math is to make math easy to learn by teaching a love for numbers and taking the intimidating aspects of math out of the equation. When a child learns to like math, they will do well in math and when a child does well in math, they will like math. Focusing on fundamental building blocks will give each child the necessary confidence to approach math in a favourable way.


Simply Math Tutoring Toronto


Our approach to teaching math is simple: we meet each child at their current skill level and then we work to fill in the gaps with the goal of building a solid foundation in fundamental core competencies in the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum. With a strong base in all the fundamentals, this sets up the child for success in their current grade level and also for the next grade level. By working with the child's strengths, we build confidence in a positive way and then set an encouraging mind frame for working on individual skill gaps. By identifying their skill gaps, we address the weakest links in their foundational understanding. This is a foolproof approach to making math easy to learn. 


Simply Math Tutoring Toronto


We love math and see the numbers all around us in unique and creative ways. To be able to translate this to children and pass on the affinity for math is our sole mission. Our approach to diagnosing the missing skill gaps will help to identify what needs to be addressed in order to ensure a strong foundation in mathematical core concepts. Differentiated instruction for each child will provide an individualized approach so that each session culminates to a successful end goal. 

Simply Math Tutoring Testimonials


Having served the Beaches community for nearly a year, we at Simply Math Tutoring are leaving  parents and students satisfied with their improvements.



Christina has been an excellent tutor for my daughter, not only guiding her through grade 6 math, but also boosting her confidence, cementing the fundamentals, and making math fun and easy.
— S. Dales Murray
Even with a mild learning disability, my daughter had been doing fine in math up until grade 10. Desperate to pull her marks up, we enlisted the help of Christina at Simply Math Tutoring. Christina is fabulous! She works with the parent, student and teacher simultaneously, so that all parties are involved and included in working together towards a goal. Not only was math the focus, but so was organizational skills, study plans, and creating systems that play to the student’s strength, like colour-coding her notes. My daughter’s marks went up, she has a better understanding of the concepts, and we will be continuing with Christina as long as her help is needed.
Christina takes the time to get to know each student. She truly loves teaching and her students know she has a passion for math. My child now feels confident about trying new math problems and doesn’t avoid doing math homework anymore.
— JR
Thank you once again for all of your help with my daughter. She would really be struggling if you were not part of her education.
— M.V.L.
We are so grateful for all you have done to help our daughter be successful. She has done a 360! I can’t tell you how much this has done for her self confidence, she is much happier. Thank you again, your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed, we are so fortunate to have found you!
— M.L.
The tutors you hire are really good and we are very happy with the tutoring.
— C.L.